Whole Food Supplements

Why You Need Whole Food Supplements
Explore wholesome nutrition with Standard Process and its benefits to your health. Given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy.

Americans are Eating Too Much and Starving at the Same Time.

The produce that is grown commercially today contains 75% less nutrition than it did in the 1950's (source: Health Canada).

Modern farming methods have resulted in an unexpected paradox. On the one hand, they have supplied us unprecedented abundance. On the other hand, however, those same farming methods fill our foods with toxins and rob them of their life giving nutrients. Then, intense processing, sterilization, and preserving methods render many of the healthy nutrients and minerals that are left, biologically inactive.

For example, pasteurization of milk kills many microbes that would make us very sick. But it also denatures and even destroys many of the valuable nutrients that our body needs to survive. The result is that we need to "fortify" the milk to replace some the many lost nutrients our bodies need.

Long distance transportation, poor crop-breeding practices, and the use of synthetic phosphate fertilizers are all believed to contribute to a severe drop in vitamins and minerals.

The human species has evolved over thousands of years on a diet that has remained mostly unchanged. However, during the last 75 years, the advent of mass-produced foods and modern food preparation technologies has radically changed what we eat.

At no time in history has food been so readily available and in such quantities, yet never before has the quality and nutritional value of our food been so greatly diminished. The result is we are suffering the loss of our health and getting Degenerative diseases, Arthritis, Heart Disease and Diabetes due to nutrient deficient food.

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