What is Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture??

Let me explain the questions What is acupuncture...

Acupuncture is one of the pain-less methods used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to treat patients holistically. [Fun Fact: The actual word itself is Latin for needle (acus) and puncture (punctura).] Its first use dates back to the second century BCE. But what is truly interesting is that the theory behind its application actually evolved from the ancient study and use of, what we now call, Chinese Herbal Medicine. When did the ancient Chinese start studying Chinese Herbal Medicine? - roughly five THOUSAND years ago! Simply amazing.

Q: What does a Loveland acupuncture session involve?

A typical treatment involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, single-time-use needles into designated pressure points on the body.

Curious what a needle looks like? Check out this picture I took and have included for you to see so you can understand what I mean when I say "very thin."

Let me break down the picture for you: On the left is a black-eyed pea bean; Above the two acu-needles, the ones with the handles, and below the mechanical pencil is a sewing needle; Below the two acu-needles is a whisker that one of my poor little kitties lost during a brawl with his brother (also a kitty). As you can see, the acu-needles are just as thin, if not thinner!, than a cat whisker!!

Q: How long is an acupuncture session?

Adult First-time Session: ~60-90 minutes
Adult Return Sessions: ~45-60 minutes

Pediatric First-time Session: ~30-60 minutes
Pediatric Return Sessions: ~30 minutes

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