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Nominated by our patients as Best Acupuncturist on Long Island as well as Best Holistic Wellness in the annual Bethpage "Best Of LI" program two years in a row. Thank you for the vote of confidence! 


We are grateful that our patients have chosen to express their thanks and leave us positive reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google, Bookfresh, Facebook, Angie's List, Alignable and Healthgrades, in addition to via email, written cards, and with baked goods! Here is a collection of some of these testimonials.

Alignable Recommendation. August 11, 2017
I was surprised by how much more thorough Susan is versus my regular Doctor. After a detailed conversation regarding my health she explained just how the body is interrelated. She is personable and caring. Susan has greatly improved my health. As an active mountain biker she has been vital to my well being!
- Joseph C., Huntington

Via Square App. July 24, 2017
Susan listened, evaluated, and explained what she was doing. I have hope that my pain will be lessened.
- P.L., Huntington

:) Quality. June 10, 2017
Completely enjoyed the experience, both customer service and the attention I received as a patient.
- Danna, Huntington Station

Stone Lion! Yes. June 13, 2016
I have been suffering with knee pain due to a fall in March. I seeked out help from our traditional medical field, with limited success. In two sessions, Susan has helped the inflammation go down enabling me to walk comfortably. Susan is a very caring, compassionate & knowledgeable person. I look forward to my next session.
- Maureen M., Huntington

Restorative. May 20, 2016
Susan was very kind and informative about my condition. After the treatment I felt better and the next day there was a reduction in my pain. The treatment room is relaxing and the music calmed me down. Susan was very helpful and I am impressed by the level of commitment to her patients. I will be going back to avail of her other services. Thank you!
- Maria M., Huntington

A great investment. January 18, 2016
Incredibly informative and thoroughly relaxing. Thank you for helping restore some balance!
- Diana L., Cold Spring Harbor

Much better. January 13, 2016
When I got up yesterday my back ached and I felt tired. After my treatment with you yesterday, I got up today with No aches and felt so much better!
- Susan C., West Hills

Headache and Tinnitus. December 18, 2015
Very relaxing, informative and caring! It's great when someone listens attentively to what you're feeling, and offers great input and treatment to make it better!
- Nathan H., Huntington

Allergy Sufferer. October 16, 2015
I have been suffering with seasonal allergies for the past 12 years. I started seeing Susan in February and to date I have not suffered in the slightest like I did in the past. She has helped control my symptoms and always offers encouraging advice. I continue to learn so much from Susan; she knows so much of the field. Her sincerity and knowledge help to ease any beginner concerns. Thank you!
- Antonella C., Franklin Square

Spot On. March 14, 2015
During my first visit, I told Susan about the issues with my back and where the most severe pain was manifesting itself. She explained which muscles were most probably causing the pain and that she would start by addressing that area. As a result of that relaxing session, I am now pain free in that area. Thank you, Susan!
- David R., East Northport

5.0 Stars. February 15, 2015
I appreciate that it is a small office with very personalized attention and service. Susan is an acupuncturist who is constantly continuing her education and is meticulous about her work, a true expert in the field. Definitely going back, I am very happy with Stone Lion!
- Susan D., Bayshore

Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupuncture). December 2014.
It's always great to see Susan. I'm going to miss her now that my sessions are over. I'll keep in touch and see her soon for a check up!
- Satisfied customer via Square app, Cold Spring Harbor

Pain Relief. October 23,2014
The treatment gave my wife some welcome relief from her pain and stiffness. We were both impressed by Susan's healing skills and caring. Thanks.
- Tom D., Massapequa

5.0 star rating. July 10, 2014
I have been seeing a chiropractor for months and my pain and numbness only increased. After my first treatment, I had relief for the first time in months. 2 more treatments and I was 95% back to normal. Susan Nissle is professional, knowledgeable and has a light touch. I cannot say enough.
- Thierry G., Freeport

Excellent acupuncturist. Helps with extreme pain and severe headaches after car accident. February 14, 2014.
Exceptional! A true acupuncturist. Susan is warm, extremely knowledgeable, and a calming person to be around. She helped me rehabilitate after a severe car accident and especially helped with alleviate some of my pain. She is excellent and an absolute professional healer and is not just in it for the business. She truly is compassionate and is passion to help and heal. Love love love.
- Victoria M., Huntington

Informed Nurturance. October 15, 2013.
Susan is extremely knowledgeable. Her love of acupuncture and her passion in assisting others on their healing journey is tangible. She was very generous with her time and wisdom, patiently answering any questions I had. She pinpointed where I needed assistance and after the treatment I felt relaxed and peaceful. I felt completely comforted and reassured in her care.
- Kristen O., Huntington

Eye opening and totally relaxing. March 7, 2013.
Susan really is a fountain of knowledge regarding Eastern medicine. The session was very relaxing and unhurried. I felt secure and supported. I wish I had hours to sit and learn all there is about acupuncture and its associated arts. I will definitely recommend her to my clients and to anyone who can benefit from expanding their knowledge of health and wellness.
- Elizabeth S., Farmingville

Relaxing and Restorative. February 17, 2013.
Thank you, Susan for the great experience I had at my first appt. Not only did we do an overall evaluation, but my lower back felt much better after the session, which was totally unexpected. Thanks again.
- Colleen C., Holbrook

Relaxing. November 22, 2012.
Thank you for a relaxing session; I feel better already.
- Wayne C., Kings Park

Good Morning. October 27, 2012
Sue? Its a miracle...This morning the pain is less than its been since I was first diagnosed..I'm serious...after the pain I was yesterday? What a phenomenal difference. Thank you AGAIN....REALLY, SUE ,I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I FEEL THIS MUCH BETTER!....you put your whole heart and soul into it.
- Karolee D., Huntington

Thank you. July 18, 2011.
I cannot say enough about the quality of care that Susan has provided me over the past 7 weeks. She has consistently and conscientiously worked diligently to bring me to a state of health and well-being beyond my greatest expectations.

I say with utmost confidence that Susan is a true healer because with each and every treatment she has provided a level of care embedded with compassion, kindness, connectedness, concern and integrity that surpasses excellence!

I came with severe headaches of unknown origin that I had been experiencing for over 6 months (daily and constant) with no change despite efforts made through dietary changes, craniosacral work, chiropractic care and homeopathic remedies. After one acupuncture treatment, these chronic headaches abated for 1 whole hour for the first time in 6 months! Truly this was exhilarating relief for me, but as a patient what was remarkable was not only my relief from pain, but when I relayed this hour-long success, she expressed the most celebratory reaction. Her compassion, empathic and connected response to my relief was so touching and expressed upon me such a profoundly powerful process of being "held" in a pretty perfect way!

After the 2nd treatment I was pain-free for 4 hours. I have since had a normal CAT-scan to rule out the scarier possibilities and I am currently headache free!! So, you can appreciate my jubilation and life-long appreciation and debt of gratitude.

I come from a 20-year career in healthcare, working in hospitals and clinics. I also have years of experience providing in-service training to Residents, and I can honestly say with every ounce of my being that Susan cares beyond the average health-care provider and is committed to providing sublime care to those she is treating!
- Aimee D., Staten Island

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