"Does my insurance cover acupuncture treamtents?"

As medical costs skyrocket, having medical insurance can come in handy...
Whether your insurance cover acupuncture treatments or not, varies with each state. So your best bet is to contact your provider and ask what types of care they will cover for you. Here are some questions you can ask them when calling about acupuncture:

- Does my plan cover acupuncture?
- How many sessions per year?
- What is my spending cap for acupuncture?
- Will I have a co-pay? How much will it be?- Will I need a doctor's referral?
- What is my deductible? And have I met it yet?

As an alternative to insurance coverage, you can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for acupuncture treatments.

I am currently in the process of applications so that I can accept insurances at my acupuncture clinic. In the mean time, if your insurance covers acupuncture, I will be more than happy to provide you with a Super-Bill for you to submit to your provider.

**As of DATE, I am proud to announce that CLINIC Acupuncture will be in-network with ___ and ___  insurances. If you are interested in seeking treatment and would like to see if your _ or _ covers acupuncture, please feel free to email me at with the following information:
- Your Name
- Your Member ID
- Your Group Number (if applicable)
- Your Birthday
- Your Home address

***Attention Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield members, under the Basic Plan, insurance will only cover acupuncture performed by a Medical Doctor. HOWEVER, since AREA [including __ and surrounding towns] does NOT have a high volume of medical doctors that practice acupuncture, you as a member can ask for an "EXCEPTION" to be treated my a Licensed Practitioner of Acupuncture. As a FEDERAL BCBS member, please be sure to verify with BCBS and acquire an exception BEFORE you seek treatment with a Licensed Acupuncturist. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



What is a Superbill??

In short, what is a superbill? - it's an itemized form that health practitioners fill out to prove the service(s) they provided. The completed form is given to the patients so that they (the patients) can submit it to their health insurance agency for reimbursement. This form is especially helpful for patients that have insurance coverage but their health practitioner is not on any insurance panels or an out-of-network provider.
** Make sure you contact your healthcare provider and:
- let them know that you want to work with an out-of-network practitioner
- ask them how much you will be reimbursed
- and what your coverage entails.

** Superbills can also be used to receive reimbursement from your HSA.

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