__ for Sciatica

Q: __for Sciatica: can it really treat Sciatica?

A: YUP! But let's understand what it is first...

You know the phrase "pain in the butt?" - Well it's not just a metaphor, you really CAN get a pain in your butt. The culprit...your sciatic nerve, the single longest and largest nerve in your body! And lucky for us, it runs right through the buttock and continues on its way down the back of our thigh.

This magnus nerve we have supplies for most of the skin on our legs, the posterior thighs (as mentioned above), as well as the rest of the back of our lower legs and feet. The nerve itself separates from the central spinal nerve at your vertebral junctions Lumbar 4 through Sacral 3.

Sciatica isn't typically an actually "disease" but rather a bunch of symptoms that involve the regions of & around the sciatic nerve. When affected, the intense nervous pain you feel can travel up your lower back and down your legs.

Q: What causes Sciatica Pain?

A: The pain you feel is most commonly a result of your sciatic nerve being pushed on by something else: slipped disc, muscle tightness & spasms, etc. Sometimes the cause is more serious that what I previously stated, especially if you find that the pain is joined with excessive (leg) swelling - in such a case, refer to your Primary Care Doctor IMMEDIATELY!

__ Acupuncture for Sciatica: Treatment of Sciatica

The Traditional Chinese medicine belief that the entire body is one giant interconnecting web means that we as acupuncturist will not "treat" just your symptoms but you as a whole (yes, even if you are coming with just the sciatic pain). By treating you holistically, we will be able to identify the root imbalance that is manifesting as the "branch" pain. Typically for issues such as pain (of any type, really) the root cause is an stagnation of your qi, vital energy, and your blood - such a blockages will prevent the proper nourishment of the affected area(s) and as a result, you feel pain.

This is where (Loveland) acupuncture for sciatica comes will help to promote proper circulation, as well as reprogram your body by telling your muscles to remain relaxed.

Once the pain is gone, does NOT mean the work is done. It is very important for you to maintain the revitalized structure of your back. So, STRETCHING is key! Through stretching you will be able to keep the circulation going and therefore prevent muscle tension. Other great techniques are gentle exercises that employ stretching such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga.

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