Scars Create “Breaks” in the Body’s Electricity

Research has shown that pathological scar tissue can create an electric force of up to 1.5 volts against the rest of the body. A scar can create abnormal electrical signaling that disturbs the functioning of the nervous system. A curious finding is that this abnormal signaling often does NOT occur at the site of the scar, but reflexes to a distant site. For example, a scar on the right leg may reflex and cause puzzling pain in the left shoulder (without any pain in the right leg where the scar is). Any scar can reflex anywhere in the body.

Scars can reflex and create symptoms in distant parts of the body. For example, a woman who has a caesarian section scar from childbirth may periodically experience have digestive problems and low back pain. If the blocked pathway of her abdominal scar is cleared, these symptoms can dramatically disappear. Another example of a scar creating pain at a distant site is a tooth extraction. The disrupted field in a vacant tooth socket can reflex to an area in the head or neck and can create frequent headaches, a tight neck, and inflamed shoulder muscles.

Not all scars present a problem or reflex to other body areas. Our research suggests that the individual’s nutritional status at the time of the injury or trauma is most important. If the person had relatively good nutrition at the time of the injury, typically the scar will heal to the extent that it does not create an interference field. Furthermore, larger scars are generally more troublesome, but a very small scar can also be highly reactive and create troublesome symptoms.

Poor Nutrition and Poor Wound Healing

We often find that scars from injuries incurred as a child are not a problem, but scars from injuries later in life can often create major interferences. The reserves of youth can often carry one through and help generate adequate healing of the scar area. However, poor nutritional habits and the accumulation of toxins in adults’ bodies prevent rapid healing.

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