Does it hurt

Does Acupuncture HURT??

Question of the YEAR:

Q: Does acupuncture hurt/can acupuncture cause pain?

Unfortunately for most, a needle is a needle is a that means (if we think back through to our childhood shot experiences) that inserting a needle in the body will cause **gasp** PAIN!!

Myth #1 - Acu-needles WILL cause pain!
Myth #2 - Acu-needles have the intent to puncture...and therefore WILL cause pain!

*drum-roll please*

Myth-buster #1 - Acu-needles have no intent in causing pain, especially since they are commonly used to in fact TREAT pain. That being said, sometimes it is hard to avoid microscopic nerves so you may experience a sensation along the lines of a "quick rubber band snap."

Myth-buster #2 - Acu-needles have a rounded tip, NOT a beveled-designed-for-slicing tip (ie. hypodermic needles). So unlike those nasty, evil, scary needles doctors and nurses use to puncture our flesh and inject us with "healthy" serum, acupuncture needles do not need to inject anything into the body so instead of piercing, it "parts" the skin & muscle fibers. This is why for the most part, you do not bleed upon removal of said needle. Again I have to make a disclaimer - sometimes it is hard to avoid microscopic capillaries so at times you may bleed just a tiny droplet of blood.


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