Fire Cupping Treatments involve the application of a vessel, most often a glass cup, to the skin. Here is how the cup is applied to the skin's surface:

1. A cotton ball soaked in alcohol, clamped by a hemostat, is lit on fire.
2. The lit cotton ball is held inside the hollow cup for a few seconds to "burn off" the oxygen within the cup and create a vacuum.
3. The cotton ball is removed and the "vaccum-ized" cup is quickly placed onto the skin's surface creating a sealed off section.

The vacuum created with the cup(s) draws blood and lymph to the area, promoting circulation and healing.

A variant of the above method is 'Slide Cupping,' where the application is the same but massage oil or liniment is applied before the cups - this allows for a 'sliding/gliding' movement once the cups are in place. In general, slide cupping feels like a soothing deep tissue massage.

**Cup Therapy is often one of the primary treatment methods used at __ for Pediatric care.

What is Cupping?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that stagnation of blood and qi (energy) circulation in the muscles and body tissues will lead to pain and other illnesses. Cupping is a technique that alleviates pain by bringing fresh blood to the treated area, improving circulation, and expanding the blood vessels in the muscles. In addition to relieving pain, cupping also helps with:

*Generalized pain, injuries of the back/shoulders/neck, etc.

*Herniated discs, disc degeneration

*Relief from pain or stiffness in the muscles and tissues

*Reduction of painful trigger points

*Improved flexibility in muscles and overall range of motion

*Joint Arthritis by increasing the flow of blood and secretion of synovial fluids

*Stress Reduction

*Release of toxins from tissues

*Treatment of respiratory problems including asthma, cough, and wheezing

*Activation of the lymphatic system

*Digestive disorders by helping to clear colon blockages, increase intestinal peristalsis, and strengthening the power of digestion and absorption of nourishment

*Rejuvenation of the skin

*Influencing the autonomic nervous system as well as the various organs under their control

What does it involve?

Cupping involves the application of warm glass cups which adhere to the body. Once the cups are attached, they are generally left on for 5-15 minutes. They do leave a mark on the body which lasts for about 4-10 days depending on the condition. The mark is very useful as a diagnostic tool – the darker the mark, the more stagnation there is in the muscles. As the marks lighten through progressive treatments, it is a sign that the underlying conditions are improving.

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